Campaign Custom Fields

Use Campaign Custom Fields to track unique items on all donations.  Examples of these things you may want to track are the following: 

  • Memorial Gifts
  • Gifts In Honor Of another person
  • Donor Solicitors
  • Donation or Campaign ID codes you use
  • How the donor found out about your organization
  • Additional designations or assignments for the dollars received

Campaign Custom Fields must be set up for each Campaign, and they can either be publicly visible (Memorial Gifts or Gifts In Honor) or admin facing only (Solicitors, Donation IDs, etc.).

To filter for these Campaign Custom Field answers, simply add a filter on the Activities page for With Answer: {{answer}}.  Of Note, this will only work with Campaign Custom Fields where the values are Select (not text).

All Campaign Custom Fields can be exported out of the system using our Create Report option.  

  1. Start at Settings, then click Campaigns
  2. Click on the edit box to the left of the Campaign name you wish to edit.  
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Use the Custom Field 1-3 to enter in your questions.  
  5. The Label is the "question" or prompt you want to have for identification.
  6. The Input Type is how you want to enter it on your own.  
  7. Text will be a free-form box (good for things like In Memory Of...)
  8. Select will allow you to populate the fields for selection (think donation codes, "how did you hear about us" options, etc)
  9. Make sure you Enable it
  10. If you want it to be only something that you as the admin see/enter, click the box to make it admin facing only.  If you want it to be on public donate pages so your donors can enter in the answers, leave the box unchecked.

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