Import Stripe Charges and Customers Collected Outside of Kindful using Stripe Create


If you're using Stripe as a processor for charges outside of Kindful, and you'd like to see these transactions inside of Kindful, we can enable that for you using Stripe Create.

Email, and we will set up the integration "Stripe Create" as a feature for your account. 

What the Integration Will Do

  • Allows you to manage (set up and refund) online donations directly from your Kindful account

  • Automatically pulls in the Stripe transactions into a 'General' campaign in Kindful
    • This happens immediately. 
    • As future Stripe recurring transactions are created (in Stripe), they will be updated in Kindful fairly quickly.
  • Automatically creates new contact profiles and transactions (auto-merge will occur, see more below). The transactions will be classified as "Transaction Type: Online Credit".
  • Automatically sync historical payments captured in your Stripe account
    • Note: If you don't want to import historical Stripe transactions (maybe because you're trying to prevent duplicates), email
  • Customers in your Stripe account will be created in Kindful regardless if they have a transaction or not.

Some things to think about before activating this service ("Stripe Create"):

  • Recurring transactions (Payments) setup in Stripe will come into Kindful as one time transactions. To best manage these recurring transactions coming in from Stripe, you have two options:
    1. If you want to move the recurring schedule into Kindful so that the donations charge automatically in Kindful with the proper Transaction Type (Recurring Transaction) and donor flag, you will need to manually setup a recurring donation for each of these customers using the billing profiles brought in via the sync. This can be done from a Contact Profile on the Payment Info tab. Be sure to delete the recurring transactions setup in your Stripe account so the donor is not charged twice. 
      • Of Note: You need to set the recurring donation up on the associated Kindful Contact Profiles after the initial sync of transactions and billing profiles that are brought in from Stripe Create. Do not create a recurring transaction in Kindful first; doing so will not effectively create a recurring schedule with the associated payment method (brought in from Stripe). 
    2. If the schedule is managed via the third party solution, you can continue the management there, and simply allow the transactions to sync in on a schedule. Doing this will not identify the incoming transactions as "Recurring", nor will it mark the donors as "Recurring Donors".
  • Refunds issued directly in your Stripe account will sync to Kindful when this feature is enabled.
  • To ensure the scheduled recurrences sync over correctly, you need to be sure the donor is setup as a Customer in Stripe, the recurring donation is setup as a Subscription in Stripe and the Credit Card is on file in Stripe.

  • The Stripe Create integration is designed to work with other systems that:
    - Create customer records in Stripe
    - Populate the name field on the Customer record
    - Or populate name on the Customer's Payment Sources in Stripe
  • If you happen to have your Stripe account and donor/card information being processed by a third-party application aside from Stripe, for example: Funraise (uses Spreedly), Donorbox, Moon Clerk or Spreedly, we highly recommend checking with those services before enabling Stripe Create in Kindful. At Kindful, we have found that tools like Spreedly act as a Vault, which means that they house the credit card information. So getting it to migrate into Kindful via Stripe Create (Kindful's tool) will import a disconnected, tokenized view of the card information, and you will not have access to use it for future recurrences set up in Kindful using that same credit card information. If this is the case for you, and you need to transfer the information from your Spreedly Vault (into Stripe), please reference this article: In this example, do note that if the vault gets moved from Spreedly to Stripe, then you can connect Stripe Create in Kindful, and get full access to those billing profiles.

  • By default, connecting Stripe Create will import all of the historical Stripe transactions into Kindful. So if you already manually entered any of those transactions into Kindful, turning on Stripe Create would create duplicate transactions. To prevent this is, you must determine when a safe "Start Date" is. A safe "Start Date" is the date after which there are no manually entered Stripe transactions in Kindful. For example, if you manually entered a Stripe transaction into Kindful as late as yesterday, then let us know that your "Start Date" is "Today" in order to prevent duplication.
  • As of your "Start Date", all transactions will automatically flow into a "General" campaign hosted by Kindful. If you want to change this, you could manually reassign the campaign for each transaction inside of Kindful (or reassign in bulk using the Bulk Edit feature).
  • Of note, the first time new transactions come in, Stripe Create creates contact records. This means that you could have duplicate contact records in Kindful after activating Stripe Create. However, this only has to happen once.
  • If you make sure to merge the records (by "email") utilizing the Contact Duplicate Finder function on the Contact Duplicates page (from the dropdown menu in the Contacts & Activities section), then Stripe Create will recognize the contact in future syncs and will not continually create duplicate contact records.

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 

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