Acknowledgements Tool

This is a tool that allows you to aggregate transactions based on a criteria of your choosing (eg Campaign specific, amount of donation, Donations by members of a particular Group, etc).

You have four (4) options when creating an Acknowledgement for the Actions you can take in response to an Activity in Kindful.

  • Email
  • Snailer (printed letter)
  • Call
  • Visit

*If you are creating an Acknowlegement that has the action of "Call" or "Visit", you can skip the First Step below of creating a template.

First Step:

You need to have a Snailer Template set for this purpose.

  1. To do this, head to Settings > Snailer Templates and Create a New Template.
  2. If you intend to email this template, make sure you choose Snailer Type = Transaction Receipt.
  3. If you want to print this template via the Acknowledgements function, make sure you choose Snailer Type = Acknowledgement.
  4. In the body of your email, you should Insert a Tag called Transaction Info For Receipt (receipt block - shown below) or use the tags of Transaction Amount and Transaction Date (values are in line, eg $25 / November 15, 2015). This is because Acknowledgements will group together like contacts into one letter, so this tag will allow for all corresponding gifts to be acknowledged in the letter.
  5. Once you have created your template, Save it.

Next, set up your Acknowledgement:

  1. To get started, head to Tools.
  2. From there click on Acknowledgements and create a New Acknowledgement. 
  3. This will take you to a page that looks just like the Activities page, just with a few selections at the top. Go ahead and title your acknowledgement, choose your action (eg Email), then select your template to be used (select the one you just made if necessary).
  4. BEFORE CLICKING SAVE, you want to set a parameter/filter on this data by using the filtering system. You can filter for things like what Campaign the gift is attributed to, the amount, etc. If you don't have an identifier here like these, and it is just date related, you can skip adding a filter and click Save at the top of the page. 
  5. Then, when you are back on the Acknowledgements page, your acknowledgment may read 0.
  6. IF NEEDED: To get prior transactions to run through this filter to generate your letter, what you need to do is use the historical date picker in the lower left. Click in the white box, select the date, and click the button to run prior activities through. This can take a few minutes to match all of the transactions depending on how many you have. 
  7. Once this has been done, and you have activities that have matched, in the Actions column on the right side, you will see a button that says Send (Email, Snailer, etc). Click this and you will then be able to fire off your desired action! 

Watch this video also if you would like to see it in action:

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