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When you write into with a request, what you're doing is opening up a support ticket. The software we use to keep track of these tickets is called Zendesk. These tickets also are given a unique ID number, which you can reference if you call in with a question about a particular ticket.

This article goes over how to create a customer-facing Zendesk account to keep track of your support tickets from that account. You can also subscribe to our Knowledgebase, by section, to get updates and new articles as we post them.

Note: Creating an account to manage your support tickets is completely optional. If you would rather manage your support tickets via your email, you are more than welcome to continue to do so. You also never need to create a Zendesk account to be able to view support articles on

Creating your Zendesk Account

When you go to, you'll see an option in the upper righthand corner to "Sign In." 

This "Sign In" option is in no way related to your Kindful account. This only relates to your customer-facing Zendesk account to manage your support tickets. If you would like to sign into your Kindful account, go to

If you would like to create a Zendesk account to keep track of your tickets, click "Sign In" on, and select the "Sign Up" option.


This will take you to a screen where you can enter your Full Name and Email Address. The name and email address you use to create your account will be the email address we'll use to communicate with you for your support tickets. 


Verifying your Zendesk Account 

After you have created your account, you'll see a confirmation screen that looks like this:


The verification email will come from, and look like this:


Clicking the link inside will verify your account, and prompt you to create a password for your new customer-facing Zendesk account.


Managing your Support Tickets

Now that you've created your account and set your password, you can sign into your Zendesk account via This will allow you to see insight into the support tickets that you have created with our team. To see these tickets, click on your name in the upper righthand corner, and select My Activities from the drop-down menu. It also gives you the option to open up a new ticket by clicking "Submit a Request." 


Going to My Activities shows your support tickets that you have open with our support team. 


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