Multiple Campaign Pages

This article covers how to find a specific campaign's URL in order to access it individually.

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Campaign URL links

Each campaign you create gets its own unique URL (website link) that can be used.

To find a list of your campaigns, go to the Fundraising section and then select the Campaigns page (shown in the drop-down menu). From here, select the campaign of your choice. 

To find a specific campaign's unique URL, select the Edit Icon edit_icon_blk.png for the campaign you're working on.

When you're editing a campaign, there is a link in the top right, labeled Direct Link. If you select View Campaign, it will take you to that campaign's unique URL. 

This editing area is also where you have options to select Default Transaction Amounts. You can also give a Description for donors to read. You can learn more about editing campaigns here.


Using this specific URL is a great way to direct donors directly to this campaign's donation page.


  • Place the link in a marketing email about a new campaign or project.
  • Place the link at the bottom of a page on your website that describes this unique project.
  • Place the link in a specific post related to your campaign on social media to see how your conversions perform through Twitter or Facebook.


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