Batch Deposits Report


Use this report to find which donations have already been deposited to your bank account. The Batch Deposits report is a great report for you to be able to view and track fees as well as to run to help reconcile your merchant processing statements. You will see breakdowns per card type as well as batch totals throughout the report.  

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Running the Report

To run our Batch Deposis Report, follow these simple steps.

  1. Click on Reporting > Reports from the menu bar
  2. In the Batch Deposits Report field, enter in the dates you wish to run your report
  3. Click Create Report
  4. A PDF report will be generated for you to use
  5. Of Note: After creating the report a copy will be emailed to the email you use to log into Kindful. However, you can also view the report by going to Reporting>History and downloading it directly. 

Understanding Kindful Total Vs Deposit Total

The Deposit Total reflects what is deposited into your bank account from your payments processor. 

    • If using Bloomerang Payments as the sole payment processor, this will be the total money from the donations/transactions in the given payout minus any fees.
    • Typically the Deposit total will then be smaller than the Kindful total since fees are deducted, but this is not always the case.
    • The deposit total will reflect the original amount deposited and remain stable through any refunds or other changes to the transactions in Kindful. For example if $9.12 is deposited to your bank account for a transaction that is then later refunded, after the refund is processed in Kindful you will see the Kindful total update to $0, but the deposit total remains the same. Screen_Shot_2019-12-11_at_10.55.50_AM.png
    • Please note, if you are connected to (as is the case in the image above), the Deposit Total and the Kindful Total may be the same. is unique in that they deposit gross transactions, which is the deposit total before fees are deducted.
    • It is important to know that the deposit total could be revenue from multiple tools connected to your payment gateway including some that may not be bringing transactions into Kindful automatically (as is shown in the image above where there is a $0 Kindful total or a Kindful Total that is less than the Deposit Total). You may need to check other sources of donations that are not connected to Kindful. 

The Kindful total is the total of all transactions listed in the activities in Kindful for that payout. 

  • In general it reflects the gross donation amount or total before fees are subtracted, but it will also update if transactions are deleted or refunded.
  • The transactions that make up the Kindful total can be found by filtering "by payout ID: payoutID#" Screen_Shot_2022-09-06_at_6.15.41_PM.png

Deposit Breakdowns

  • The Batch Deposit Report (BDR) shows the deposit total and what we know about said deposit in the subsequent pages of the report.
  • Below is the further details for the deposit #9731010 (shown in the above filter "by payout ID" and listed as a payout in the previous image of the deposit summary).
  • You will see the individual campaigns that received transactions from this payout/deposit. In this payout two transactions were given to two different campaigns for a total of 2 transactions and $124. The campaign totals show the total given to each campaign before fees are subtracted and added together to give the Kindful total. In this example the Kindful total = gross total because there were no refunds or canceled transactions. Screen_Shot_2019-12-11_at_10.57.15_AM.png



Why is my Deposit Total Negative ? 

  • When a donation is refunded the BDR will reflect this in the Kindful total, but not the deposit total. Neither Stripe nor will update the deposit total after a refund. Therefore you may see a lower Kindful total next to a higher deposit total or even a negative deposit amount. 
  • A refund is generally processed by the bank in 2-10 business days and once the amount is deducted from your bank account you will see a subtraction of the refund appear in your next payout. That transaction will be taken from the next payout, which may be grouped with other deposits. 
  • Therefore in the BDR you may see a negative number on a payout reflecting the balance of the deposit after subtracting any refunds. You may also see the Kindful total of a previous payout go lower after updating the total minus refunds.
  • Example: $100 is deposited on September 14th from two transactions given for $50. After fees the deposit total is $96.80 ($100-(2.9%+.30).  On September 15th a refund is processed for one of the $50 transactions. The following payout on September 15th reflects a transaction given for $40 and is then used for the refund and has a -$50 subtraction. After the fees and refund are taken from the $40 payout the remaining balance is $-11.64 (($40- (2.9%+.30))-$50) .
  • You will see a deposit total of $-11.64 on September 15th reflecting how much is added/subtracted to/from your bank account and a Kindful Total of $40 reflecting the donation given during that payout.
  • Meanwhile the September 14th Payout line will be updated in subsequent pulled BDRs to show the Deposit total remaining at $96.80 and the Kindful total going down to $50 to reflect the $50 refund. Screen_Shot_2022-09-06_at_8.20.11_PM.png

Why Is My Kindful Total Less Than My Deposit Total? 

  • Answer a transaction may have been refunded which will update the Kindful total, but not the deposit total.
  • Refunds will not show up when filtering by "Payout ID" in activities because they were not part of the payout deposit originally, but they will still be reflected the Kindful Total and Sum Total when hitting the "Sum Total" button.
  • Example: You see 3 activities totalling $100 ($25+$25+$50), but the Sum Total and Kindful Total for that payout says $75. This is because $25 was refunded, but you will not see the refund activity displayed when using the Payout ID filter)Screen_Shot_2022-09-06_at_8.06.22_PM.png
  • Updated Kindful Total In BDR:


  • Sum Total on Activities Page:


  • To see the refund activity you can try filtering by the "After date" and "before date" to see the date range of activities when the transaction was refunded. Then you can verify whether a refund is appearing for the transactions.


Donation History by Payment Processor

If you use multiple payment processors and would like to see a breakdown of donation history by merchant processor ( vs. Stripe), simply pull a report of the payout (hint: try the filter "by payout ID") then when pulling the report select the column "Gateway Response" After exporting the report and then subsequently sorting by Gateway Response, only transactions from will have notes in the Gateway Response column. For Stripe transactions, that column will be empty.


Comparing With the Payouts Section and Running A CSV Version Of The Report

The Batch Deposits Report is a PDF report. If you wish to see these same transactions in CSV format, or simply get further details on the payouts themselves we recommend heading to Settings Fundraising SettingsPayment Gateways and clicking the link to View Gateway Payouts


This will take you to a screen where you can view all payouts and link to the corresponding transactions. Click View on the right-hand side of the screen to view the payout details.




Click the option to "View Kindful Transactions in this Payout" on the payout details page.


This will take you to a filtered Activities view where you can Create a Report and export those transactions to CSV.




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    On my batch deposit summary there is a Deposit Total and a Kindful Total. The Kindful totals are the amounts transferred to our Bank Account. What are the deposit totals?

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    Jonathan M

    Hello Jana!

    Deposit totals are what is transferred into your Bank (the net amounts) and the the Kindful total is the Gross donation amount.