Cropping Images

There are many places to enter images in Kindful. This article goes over how to crop those images after they've been uploaded.

Uploading images

The primary place you'll go to upload images for your organization is Settings, then General Settings. You'll find a whole section for images, where you can upload org images that appear in emails, letters, and public donation pages.

You can also load images in Cause pages.

Cropping an image

On many of the above mentioned images you'll be given the opportunity to crop. If a specific image can be cropped, you can press a Crop button beneath that image.

A window will appear with cropping controls. As you hover your cursor over the image, you'll see a crosshair appear. Click and drag your cursor to draw a cropping box around the image.

If you need to configure the cropping box before you finalize the crop, click and drag any of the black boxes around the edges of the box to move the perimeter accordingly.


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