Saved Filters (Searches)


Saved searches allow you to create preset filters and parameters you can easily select from Contacts or Activities.

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Saving a filter

Go to either Contacts or Activities and enter the filter string you want to save. When you're seeing the data you want, select Save Filter on the right sidebar.

Next, set up the Name and Description of the saved filter. Choose whether it can be used by the whole team, or visible to just you.

We recommend adding a Description that mirrors the filters used (e.g. Has Email: Yes, etc.) or helps you recreate the filter again in the future. When you run the Saved Search, it will just display the Name of the filter used, and the original filters used cannot be edited.


Using a Save Filter

Any time you're filtering in Kindful, you can pull up your saved filters by selecting Saved Searches in the top right. You can always delete a saved filter you created by clicking the next to your saved filter.


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