Using Filters in Kindful

Kindful's filtering system makes segmenting your donor data easy and effective so you can create reports in a flash.


Read the article below to find out both how to and where you can filter in Kindful.

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Using The "Or" Filter

From the Activities or Contacts Page:

  • You will see a white bar below the gray Basic Search area, which will allow the full list of filters
  • You can click in the bar, and potential filters will appear, or you can begin typing in the name of a filter
  • Make sure when you find the filter you want (when typing) you select it from the drop down menu
  • Next, type in your result, and be sure to select it from the drop down menu
  • You can string together a series of these as And's or Or's, and even undo certain parts of the string while keeping it there for easy comparisons
  • You can also use the Basic Search area at the top of the page

These filters are LIVE and constantly up to date, so you can click on the floppy disk icon and save the constraint for future access, or actually create a report out of it (found on the far right vertical bar). See a detailed description in another article in our Reports section.  So no more need to be running filters once you settle on your ideal ones.

Contacts filters vs. Activities filters

Some Contacts filters can be used on the Activities page, and vice versa. If you were to use a contacts filter, such as "Join Date After", on the Activities page, it will display all activities from any time that are associated with a contact with a join date after what you have specified.

"And" and "Or" statements

By default, an "And" statement will be between multiple filters you add to the Current View bar. That means if you use the filters "By Campaign" and "Amount Greater", every activity listed will meet both of those criteria. You can preemptively add an "Or" statement to surround multiple filters, in order to find data that adheres to any single criterion, rather than necessitating that it adhere to all.


Now, you can filter all your donor data - from transaction history to geographic location to event history - directly from your Activity Trail and people page. And with just one more click, you can create and save a custom report. 

That means you can search, filter and create reports all from one screen.
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