Creating Custom Reports

Creating Custom Reports are vital to you as an admin as well as your organization.  Kindful makes it easy.  Not only can you make organization wide reports, you can also create ones just for the needs you have!  So make your life a little easier, and get your Executive Director the info they need when they need it.  

Start by building your filter. When you have what you like, click on the Create Report icon.

Next, you will see a window appear that will ask you to do a few things:

  • Name your report
  • Choose the layout
  • Select Activity Fields (columns)
  • Select Contact Fields (columns)

You will then be directed to a preview page for your report, with the options to export to a CSV or PDF, as well as the ability to save it to your Report Templates!

If saving this as a Report Template, all you need to do is hit the Reports tab in the menu bar and at any point, you can generate this report.  

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