Scheduled Reports

A great feature of Kindful's filtering system is the ability to create a scheduled report.  This is a great functionality that will help you save time, and keep the right people (not just admin users) informed of the information they need to know.​Scheduled reports give you the flexibility to take the weight off of your shoulders to remember to get that data to arrive in just the right time.  Setting them up is easy!

  • Go to Activities page 
  • In the filtering bar at the top, type in the filters you need. Be sure to include one of the necessary scheduling filters needed (see below)
  • Click "create report" on the right side of the screen in the vertical column.
  • Title your report, and check all the pieces of information you need in the check boxes below.  Be aware there are two tabs of check boxes (Activity and Contact info).
  • Click "save" and then Save Report as a Template again on the following page. Image of this is included in above link for "create report".
  • Next go to the Reports tab from the menu bar.  
  • Click the "scheduled reports" tab.
  • In the upper right, click "new scheduled report."
  • Select the report you just created by clicking in the drop down under "report template."
  • Set how often you receive this report under "frequency" (see the helpers on this page) and format you prefer (CSV or PDF) under "report format."
  • Enter the email address(es) that need to receive this report.
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