Scheduled Reports

Generate email notifications for new recurring donations, specific transaction types, declined donations, or donations to a particular campaign that send automatically daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. This article goes beyond creating a report, and explores how to create a report that is recurrently created and sent at a scheduled time.


Reporting is one of the most powerful features available to you within Kindful. Not only can you intelligently report on your donor and fundraising data, but you can also do so on a regular basis with preset data.

This functionality will help you save time, and keep the right people (not just admin users) informed of important information.​

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Creating Custom Reports

Creating a report

Go to Activities

In the filtering bar (marked Current View) at the top, type in the filters you need.

Note: make sure you include one of the necessary scheduling filters needed. The "Prior" based filters will look at a pre-set previous time frame. For example, Prior Week will look at the previous Monday-Sunday. Prior Month will look at the entire previous calendar month, and so on.
  Frequency Required Filter  
  Daily Yesterday  
  Mondays Prior Week  
  First of the month Prior Month  
  First of the quarter Prior Quarter  
  First of the year Prior Year  

Once you have your filters set and the frequency entered, click Create Report on the right side toolbar. 

Title your report, and check all the pieces of information you need in the check boxes below.

Note: there are two tabs of check boxes, Activity and Contact info. 

The Pre-Selected Column Set is an easy way to get started. Based on what you select as your need, columns will automatically be selected to include in your report.

The following page will show a preview of your report. From here you can Convert to PDF or Convert to CSV if you want a single iteration of this report. Since you'll be scheduling this report ongoingly, select Save as a TemplateSave the report. 

Scheduling a report

Click on the Reporting link from the menu, then click on the Scheduled Reports tab.

Select New Scheduled Report.  


Select the report you just created from the Report Template dropdown.

Set the Frequency based on the filter you created the report with (refer to the table).

Enter the email address(es) the report will be emailed to.

Create the scheduled report.


Next steps

Once it is generated and emailed, the link to download a scheduled report will expire after six (6) days.

Example Reports to Set Up

  • A list of NEW donors created each month
    • Use "Prior Month" and "First Transaction" filters
  • A list of declined donations last week
    • Use "Prior Week" and "Successful Transaction: No" filters
  • A list of last quarter's donations greater than $25 to your General Campaign from donors who live in Nashville, TN
    • Use "Prior Quarter" and "Amount Greater Than: $25" and "By Campaign: General Campaign" and "In City: Nashville, TN"



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