Eventbrite: Overview & Connecting to Kindful

This article gives an overview of the Eventbrite integration with Kindful, and shows you how to connect Eventbrite to your Kindful account.

Overview of the Eventbrite Integration

Eventbrite Orders are assigned to be hard credits.

The purchaser/donator will get a hard credit on their profile (thus impacting your YTD numbers) and the attendees that used these purchased tickets will have soft credits created on their contact records.

Connecting to Eventbrite

Log in to Kindful and go to Apps > App Directory on the left sidebar.

Find Eventbrite from the list and select Learn More


Next, click Connect


After you click Connect, you will need to confirm the connection. 


Next, you'll be redirected to Eventbrite’s login page where you need to enter your Eventbrite login credentials if you are not already signed in. When asked, select Allow to permit Kindful to access your Eventbrite account.


With this integration connected, the previous two years of your historical events, as well as new event registrant information and ticket prices will flow into Kindful from Eventbrite. New contacts will be created in Kindful if a registrant doesn't yet exist, and contact info will be appended if a registrant already exists in Kindful if we are able to find an exact match. Kindful will attempt to match by Email address. If none can be found, we will run a secondary search on First Name + Last Name.

You will now also see Eventbrite Registrations has been added as an activity type in the Activities section of Kindful, so you can filter by Eventbrite activity.

When connecting Eventbrite, you will have the option to specify a target Campaign toward which the transactions will go. You can also change the default campaign later in the integration settings located under Apps. For transactions that have already come into Kindful from Eventbrite, you can later use the Bulk Edit feature to change the Campaign if you would like.

Configuring the Integration

Once you have successfully connected the integration, you can configure the integration and setup two key components. This is done from the Eventbrite App Settings page (located in the App Directory).



You can configure which (singular) Kindful Campaign you wish to have Eventbrite orders be set to upon import. We recommend setting up a new Campaign for this purpose as you have the ability to filter By Event: "event_name" from the Activities page, which gives you an additional layer of filtering for these Eventbrite orders. You can also use the Basic Search for filtering.



Transaction Type

You can set how the incoming Eventbrite orders post into Kindful. There are three options for this:

  1. Create Transactions and Soft Credits (recommended) - This approach will create a Transaction in Kindful for the overall purchase, attributed to the ticket purchaser if this is a paid event. Each of the registered attendees will have a Soft Credit created on their account, indicating attendance.
  2. Only apply Soft Credits to Event Attendees - This approach will create a Soft Credit for all event attendees. This does not include the purchase information.
  3. Only create Transactions from Event Orders - This approach will only create a transaction for the initial ticket purchase, attributed to the ticket purchaser.


If creating Transactions, we recommend setting  "

Attended Activities

With the Eventbrite integration, the "attended event" activity is created as soon as someone purchases a ticket to an event. Those activities are mainly meant to show that someone was marked as an 'attendee' for the event (and not that they actually attended). Eventbrite currently doesn't send Information on which contacts actually attend an event to Kindful.

As such you may see an extra activity that says the contact "attended on _____date" and it will list the same date as the ticket is purchased. This is expected currently with the integration. Keep in mind these activities cannot be deleted or adjusted. 

Having Trouble Connecting?

Your Eventbrite token may be invalid. Invalid tokens can happen as a result of password changes.

Disconnect Eventbrite, and reconnect it. See Eventbrite's article for additional information. 


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