From Dylan at Evenrbrite on July 17, 2014

A Kindful Integration for Nonprofits!

While events are everything to us, they may only be one piece of the puzzle for how nonprofits raise money and manage their donors.  As nonprofits continue to increase their use of online fundraising tools, there continues to be a growing problem with data segmentation.  For this reason, it is important we build strong relationships and integrations with the other technology services to help make life easier for our organizers. We are pleased introduce our newest integrated partner, Kindful, a cloud-based software platform optimizing fundraising and donor relationships.  Through the integration of Eventbrite into the Kindful platform, event attendees will naturally flow into the Kindful database, automatically creating new donor profiles or attaching unique historical data to profiles that already exist within their system. - See more at: https://www.eventbrite.com/blog/ds00-a-kindful-integration-for-nonprofits/


Set it up with a couple of clicks from your Kindful settings and your Eventbrite data flows right on in!

Assign the Eventbrite Orders to be hard credits (meaning that they will be able to track these amounts in your YTD numbers in Kindful); we will tell you who was responsible for the entire purchase (including donations now, too), as well as each attendee.  The purchaser/donator will get a hard credit on their profile (thus impacting your YTD numbers) and the attendees that used these purchased tickets will have soft credit activities created on their profiles.  
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