Creating Email/Letter Templates

This article goes over the process of creating email/letter (previously called Snailer) templates, covering where to create them and how to make them effectively.


Email/letter templates are used for any mailing, email, receipt, etc., that will be sent to your contacts from Kindful. Any of those types of communication will require a template to be made, enabling Kindful to generate communications like Acknowledgements and receipts.

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Creating an email/letter template

From Communication, click Templates. Here you can see you your existing templates, where you can EditDuplicate, or Delete them. They're broken down by the type of template, such as an Acknowledgement, a Transaction Receipt, or Thank You Letter. By clicking on the different headings, you can view your different types of templates.


When you're ready to make a new template, click Create New Template

Template settings

There are a handful of fields you'll have to fill out before creating the body of the template.

Please note that "Snailer" has been replaced with "Email/Letter".


Name For your use to name and identify the template (not visible to donor).
Subject If you're sending an email, this is what will show in the email's subject.
Email/Letter type You'll choose what type of template it is based on the purpose and medium of the communication. Some types will show a line of help text when you select them.
Custom Header Settings Your header settings default to include headers generated by Kindful. If you print on a letterhead, you can turn this template's Custom Header Setting to 'Off' to disable Kindful's headers.
Embeddable? When you choose to make a template "embeddable" this allows the entire template to be embedded into another template. Example: If you made template A embeddable, then when you create template B, you could choose to place template A in the body of B.


 Template body

As you create the body of your template, please be sure to either type in all your text manually, or paste non-rich (or formatted) text.

  Warning: do not copy and paste directly from a word processor (e.g. Microsoft Word). This will bring in unwanted formatting. Please either type your text into the template editor, or copy your text from Word and paste it into a plain text editor (NotePad, TextEdit, etc.) in order to remove the hidden formatting. You can then copy this plain text version into your template body.  






Tags populate with the corresponding information in the contact's profile. Some examples are Transaction Amount, Transaction Date, Last Gift (the amount donated, for printed letters), and Last Gift Date (date of their gift, for printed letters).

The use of tags is highly encouraged, as it helps customize the email or letter to that specific donor.

When you're finished, click Create Template to save your work.


Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 


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