Creating a Cause (Crowdfunding)

This article explores how to create a Cause, Kindful's peer-to-peer fundraising feature. Learn how Causes function, and how to create and customize a Cause.


Want to leverage your contacts to have them help you raise more?  With Kindful Causes allow you to invite donors to fundraise, who in turn invite their friends to either support them or invite their own friends, creating a web of peer-to-peer fundraising. 

The following steps will show you how to create and set up a Cause.

How Causes function

It's important to understand the foundational concepts and terms when using Causes.

Cause Peer-to-peer fundraising pages in Kindful. Causes flow into Campaigns.
Campaign An organized effort to raise money for a specific purpose. Campaigns are specific projects that flow into more general Funds.
Fund A classification system for categorizing donations and other monies coming into Kindful's database. Funds are general allocations made more specific through Campaigns.
Team The actual pages that are shared to raise money within a Cause.
Teams flow into the main Cause.
Causes flow into Campaigns.
Campaigns flow into Funds.

Cause pages are required to have Teams in order to receive money. Even if it's just one Team page that's created and shared – at least one Team is required.

Note: Before creating your Causes, make sure you have a Campaign (found in Settings) created for all your Cause funds to flow to. 

Creating a Cause

On the left sidebar of Kindful, select Fundraising. Go to the Crowdfunding page. 

Click the "Add New" button to create a new Cause.

There are five sections to fill out to customize your Cause. The rest of this article will explain each section in detail.



Creating a Cause: Summary

Cause Name
Designate a name for your Cause.

URL path
This is automatic, but you can adjust it if you'd like.

Cause Description
This defaults to your organization description if nothing is entered.

Designate where donations will flow.

Max Teams
If you want to limit teams and team members you can. This would be a viable option if you only wanted to have one open team to run the money through.

Max Members/Teams
You can limit how many members can be a part of a team, therefore teams could fill up.

Dates to allow teams to be able to use the system
Pull up a calendar to set dates by clicking in the Start At and Finish At boxes.

Note: Setting your start date in the future will make your Cause invisible until that date, meaning if people try to visit it, they will redirect to a donate page

Event Date
Use this if you have a physical event connected to your Cause.

Additional Dates
Funded Date and Transferred Date are both optional.

Cause Goal
This is the overall total you're setting for the Cause. Individual team donations will be tallied up to achieve this goal.

This checkbox in the bottom left turns your Cause from being visible online to being invisible, which means no one would be able to find it, invite team members, etc.




Creating a Cause: Abilities

You can allow the team captain to enter pledges, so they can track gifts they get that aren't received online.  This will take some oversight by you to ensure these are collected, but is easily viewed in the admin view for Causes.

Keep the "days remaining" field on, or turn it off.

You can allow your team members to have profiles or not (disallowing would only allow team captains to have profiles).


Creating a Cause: Messaging

Title your Causes that get created (e.g. Team, Cause, Fundraiser). This will read as "Support A ____" when donors click the links.

Team List Header
You can change the default link "Support a _____" to custom text (e.g. "Save some turtles!").

Allow Registrations on cause page
You can allow for people to signup in a very simple, four-step flow.

Instructions Link
Make sure to include special instructions you want in the email that goes out to those being invited. They will see links and a code to enter by default.

You can even include custom URLs to send users to post signup.



Creating a Cause: Goals

Team Goal
Goal (in dollars) per team.

Allow Team to change goal
Give Team captains the ability to change their default goal. Goals will evenly split when team members sign up to join existing captains.

Default Team Quote/About Area
This will allow for faster signups for your Cause participants (they won't have to fill in these areas if they don't want to).



Creating a Cause: Customize

Cause Theme Color
Choose a default color that captains can adjust.

Allow Facebook Comments
We recommend enabling Facebook comments.

Edit Donate Button Label
Give different wording to the buttons prompting donors to donate on the Cause or a Team page.



Creating a Cause: Sharing

Customize the phrasing you want coming from all of the social sharing buttons.

If you leave these blank, they will follow our formats asking people to support the team name.


Once this is done, you'll be directed to the settings page for this specific Cause. This page allows you to manage teams, individual pages, invite new teams, invite groups, change default images, and more.

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