Updating Donor Payment Info (Donor Experience)


Donors have the ability to update their own personal donation information. Read below and view the screen shots to understand how a donor can take these steps.

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Just as you can update a donor's payment info as an Admin, we have given your donors the ability to do so as well. We encourage your donors to create profiles when they give through Kindful to your organization. This is intentional. We want them to have the ability to manage their account in real-time. This makes things like updating card info, address info or donation info a breeze! In the top right corner of the giving page, there are options to either sign in, or sign up.  

Donors will get an overview of their donation history and options with your organization


They can update their billing information to add or update a payment method




Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 


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