Contact Custom Fields

This article covers the creation of contact custom fields. Learn why you may want to create a custom field, and how to do it.


Using custom fields allows you to track contacts in a way that is specific to your org.

Custom fields are great if you want to classify each contact as one of a Church, Business, Civic, Volunteer, Donor, or any other classification you have. If you want to track former interactions with them, their favorite color, how they became involved with your organization – all these are great uses for the custom contact fields.

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Creating a custom contact field

Go to Settings Contacts Settings Custom Contact Settings.

Select the Contact Field Groups tab.

This page will display any existing contact field groups you might have.

Select Create Custom Field Group on the right.

When choosing the type of question from the Type dropdown, we recommend setting up your custom field as Select or Multi-Select. This will allow you to filter those answers and create groups, send mail merges, and much more in comparison to text or long text.


Of Note: You cannot set a default answer on these fields from your available values.

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