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Use Custom Fields on your contact records and on registration forms. Custom fields are great if you want to do any of the following:

  • Assign contacts to certain Admins
  • Track donor anonymity (to not publish their name)
  • Classification of each contact as one of a Church, Business, Civic, Volunteer, Donor
  • Track former interactions with them
  • Their favorite color
  • How they became involved with your organization

All these are great uses for the custom contact fields.

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Creating a Custom Contact Field

Go to Settings Contacts Settings Custom Contact Settings.

Select the Contact Field Groups tab.

This page will display any existing contact field groups you might have.

Select Create Custom Field Group on the right.

When choosing the type of question from the Type dropdown, we recommend setting up your custom field as Select or Multi-Select. This will allow you to filter those answers and create groups, send mail merges, and much more in comparison to text or long text.


Of Note: You can also "Remove" a custom field from this page. This will delete the custom field from profiles as well as any historical addition of the data.

Editing/Changing An Existing Custom Field Value

To change the values for a custom contact field, you would navigate to Settings > Contacts Settings > Custom Contact Settings > Contact Field Groups (tab) and edit your custom field group. In your custom field group, you can edit the values you have for your Select and Multiselect fields by clicking into the Values field and making any changes you want.


Understanding the Field Setup Categories

The title for the overall grouping of these fields

Contact Profile Page to Display On  
The page inside the contact profile that the fields will live on

Name (Questions)
The question/label explaining what information is being tracked

Type (Questions) 
The type of custom field; determines the format of how the answer values are displayed and recorded 

Text & Long Text 
This is a free-form text box inside the profile; admins type in the answers 

This is a drop-down menu inside the profile where only one answer can be chosen at a time; filterable and available for bulk editing contacts 

This is a drop-down menu inside the profile where more than one answer can be chosen at a time; filterable, but not available for bulk editing contacts

This is a date-selector field inside the profile; filterable 

Values (comma delimited) 
These are the pre-set answers for select and multi-select fields; answers must be separated by commas

Internal short name 
This is the filter name of contact custom field on the Contacts page 

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