Setup Admin Email Notifications for Donations


Receive an email and get a notification each time a donation is made.

Read below, or view the linked video, to see how to enable admin notifications to get an email when a donation is made or for particular actions in your Kindful account.

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Set Up Admin Notifications

Click on your name in the top right corner of your account. Then go to Account > Users.

Select the edit box Screen_Shot_2017-06-09_at_12.22.52_PM.pngon the right of the user that needs notifications enabled.

You'll see an overview of that user's information and settings.


Toward the bottom, you'll find Get Notified when a new transaction is processed through Kindful

You have the options to receive the following types of notifications:

  • Transaction Notifications
  • Weekly Summaries
  • Registration (Form) Notifications
  • Pledge Notifications
  • Page Notifications (used for custom-built pages)

Select the checkbox next to each type of notification that user should receive. When you're finished, select Save at the bottom.


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