Split Transactions

You can enter a split transaction via the + Add Activity button.

Click the green + Add Activity button in the top left of any Kindful page.

  1. First, you need to make sure the donor you are attributing the gift to exists in the system. If they do not, add them first.
  2. Next, from the + Add Activity button, click Transaction.
  3. Enter the details needed (contact name, campaign name, date, amount, etc) and click the Split Transaction button at the bottom. 
  4. This will present a dialog where you can Enter in the campaign to be setup for splitting, quantity (which should most of the time be 1), the amount, and then an Add button.
  5. Adding will allow you to see what the remaining balance is.
  6. Enter your amounts to equal the sum total and you're set.
  7. Click Done when complete

   8. LASTLY, you will need to click Create again on the original transaction dialog box          as seen in the first image above to complete this transaction 

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