Split Transactions

This article covers how to split up transactions between multiple Campaigns.

Creating a split transaction

Start by selecting Add New at the top of the left sidebar, then choose Transaction.

Note: If the donor for this transaction does not yet exist in your database, add them before creating the transaction. Select Add New in the top left, then choose Contact.

Enter the details of the transaction. After filling in the fields, choose Split at the bottom. 



Splitting a transaction

A new window will display, allowing you to enter multiple Campaigns with varying amounts.

Make sure the first Campaign is correct, then enter the Quantity of donations (likely will be 1), and the Amount per donation.

After you enter in the first Campaign designation, the Total Amount will update based on your input.

Select Add in the bottom left to designate another Campaign to split between. The Split Transactions Total in the bottom left will update as you input more designations.


Select Done when you're finished. This will take you back to the original transaction window.

When you've finished entering transaction details, select Create in the bottom right.


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