Crowdfunding Images and Videos


This article goes over the recommended sizes and tips for adding images to your Crowdfunding pages.

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Crowdfunding images

Individual Crowdfunding Headers
Recommended images are ones that are 1440px x 760px with the important imagery near the top half. Most of the image will be shown, but as it scales, it will mask from the top.

Crowdfunding Index Header Image
Recommended images are ones that are 1440px x 760px, keeping all text within the vertically centered 250px. Only the middle 300px will be primary, but depending on the width of the browser, more or less of the height will be shown. 

Crowdfunding videos on team pages

Team members have the option to embed Youtube and Vimeo links onto their team page.

First, they'll sign into their team page using the link in the Crowdfunding welcome email. You can also sign into their team page by going to Fundraising, going to Crowdfunding in the drop-down menu, selecting the Crowdfunding campaign, and choosing Details under the team member.

The team member will select Add or update image/video just underneath the profile name and image.


From here, the team member can choose to submit an image link, Youtube link, or Vimeo link. They'll copy the link from the page (e.g. and paste it into the corresponding box.


After you've pasted the link in, select Save, and you should be able to see a preview of the video in the central box on the page.


If that looks correct, make sure to press Save in the top left of the page before closing the window.

Note: Although there are other areas to enter and edit text, this is the only way to embed a video on a team page.

Of Note: If you wish to link to a LIVE Youtube video, you can input the share link, and when a contact visits your team page, if they click play, they can watch the live video. This is an excellent solution when trying to run a live event where people cannot be physically present. 


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