Step 1: Add Your Organization Details


Welcome to Kindful! We know that making the switch to a new donor database it exciting, but may also seem a bit daunting. We're here to help you get started quickly and efficiently!

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Adding Your Organization Information

You can follow along by clicking on your profile in the top right corner of your account:


Once you've clicked there, click Account > Quick Setup.




Organization details

Organization Name
Enter your org's name. This will be displayed on Donation Pages and automatically included in some Acknowledgements.

Fiscal Year End Month
You can choose which month your fiscal year resets. For example, if your fiscal year starts on July 1st, you'd choose 6 as the Fiscal Year End Month.

Your Employer Identification Number, used primarily for tax purposes.

Header Logo
This logo appears in the top left of your Donation Pages. This logo will look best with a white or transparent background. If this is left blank your organization's name will appear instead. The Header Logo image size should be 200x80 pixels.

Small (Square) Logo
This logo appears on a Donation Page/Payment Summary next to the Campaign name. This logo should be square or round.  If this is not uploaded it will default to a scaled version of the header logo. The Small Square Logo image size should be 100x100 pixels.

"Reply to" email address
Whenever you send an automatic receipt or Acknowledgement to a donor, that email is sent from By filling in the "reply to" email with one of your org's addresses, that email will receive any replies donors might send. 

Next step

Ready for what comes next? Continue on the Quick Start Guide to Step 2: Connect a Payment Gateway.


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