How to Create and Edit a Group of Contacts

Groups are a way to help you easily flag contacts. It is a nice flag to have because Groups has their own page within Kindful, and filtering for donations by people within a Group from the Activities page, or simply for a list of people in a Group from the Contacts page is an easy filter: In Group: "group_name"

Also, Groups serve a purpose with our integrations with both MailChimp and Emma. The Groups you make in Kindful equate to your Send To lists in Emma (Audience Lists) and in MailChimp (Segments).


Creating a group or adding people to an existing group is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 


  1. From the Contacts page, select the contacts with which you would like to start the group. 
  2. Click "Add to Group" from the right side menu.
  3. To add the selected contacts to an existing group, simply select the existing group. To create a new group with those contacts, select box at the bottom and enter the new group name.



To remove contacts from a group:

  1. From the Groups page, select the Group which you want to edit
  2. Click the button to View Members in the upper right hand corner
  3. Find the contact's profile card, and open it
  4. Click in the box to Edit Groups
  5. Remove the group flag on the record

Repeat the process above for multiple contacts

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    How does one create a group?