Create and Edit a Group of Contacts

This article covers the creation and removal of contacts into groups. We cover cases when a group may have different numbers than expected. We also cover cases where you want to remove accidental contact additions to your groups.


Groups are a way to help you easily organize contacts.

Organizing contacts into groups is extremely efficient, giving you flexibility to:

  • See all groups by selecting Groups from the left sidebar
  • Filter for donations by group in Activities
  • See who is in a group on the Contacts page by using the filter: In Group: "group_name"
  • Find who is not in a particular group by Inverting the filter results for In Group

Groups also serve a purpose in our integrations with both Mailchimp and Emma. The Groups you make in Kindful equate to your "Send To" lists in Emma (Audience Lists) and in Mailchimp (Segments).

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Creating a Group

Go to Contacts on the left sidebar.

If you need to find a specific list of people, enter in any applicable filters first.

Once you see the people you need, select contacts by clicking the check boxes in the top right corner of their card.

Click Add/Remove Group on the right sidebar.

Select Add selected contacts to Group from the dropdown.

To add the selected contacts to an existing group, select the existing group from the list.

To create a new group with those contacts, select the box at the bottom and type in the new group name.


You can Delete a group from the Groups page in your Kindful account. Doing this will not remove any contacts from your database. It will simply remove the Group label from your Kindful account as well as from those contacts.


Viewing a Group

After you've made a group of contacts, you can view this group by going to Groups on the left sidebar. 

From here you can select Actions to do a handful of things. You can click on View Contacts to get to a filtered view of your contact records. You can view Group Insights to see a detailed breakdown of your Group members (shown below). 


You can click Edit to change the name and description of the group. You can click Delete to remove a Group from Kindful. You will also see any action options, like refreshing from your connected email marketing solution.

Of note: If you do not see your connected email marketing platform as an option to refresh from, this is because it is in a constant state of connection, so no push to refresh is necessary.


You may find that when you create your group in Kindful, you select (E.g.) 300 contacts. When you run a filter on those contacts, it is possible that fewer contacts may show in the results. This can be due to the fact that you created the group and then ran the filter before all contacts fully moved into the group. When adding contact into a group, you will add in every contact you wish to have inside of it. The contact will go through a process of being added. So even while you will see the full number of contacts being added (300 in this example), they will move over in batches before being fully added and ready for things like filtering and reporting.

Removing a Contact From a Group

There are a few ways you can remove contacts from a group. 

You may have accidentally added all contacts to particular groups, and you wish to remove these. You are able to do this by using the filter Group Members Added Since.

This is a 2 part filter where you will enter the name of the group and the date in which they are added.


From here, click on the √ Select All button and then click on the Add/Remove Group option in the right-hand side of the screen. Select the Remove Selected Contacts from Group(s) from the dropdown. Choose the group you wish to remove these contacts from and Save. This will remove anyone you added to those groups today.

You can also remove contacts directly from the Groups themselves. After you've gone to Groups and selected the group you want to look at, you can select View Members from the right sidebar.

This will take you to the Contacts page, where you will see a list of contacts belonging to that group. From here, you can do one of two things:

1. Remove multiple contacts at once

Select the checkboxes for each contact you'd like to remove from the group.

After choosing, select Add/Remove Group from the right sidebar (the same button you pressed to add the contacts to a group earlier).

Instead of choosing to add the selected contacts to a group, you'll choose Remove selected contacts from group.


2. Remove a single contact at a time

Select a contact to view that contact profile.

Look for the box labeled Groups and select Edit Groups. This will show a list of the groups that contact is in.

Select Remove on the right to remove the contact from that group.

Merging Groups

There is not a button or direct process to merge existing Groups, but you can follow these few steps to combine existing Groups. If you need to combine groups, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Contacts page and filter for contacts "In Group" in one of the two groups. This would ideally be contacts you wish to merge from one group into the other.
  2. Take the results and follow the steps to add these filtered contacts into a Group (Select All > Add/Remove Group > Add Selected Contacts To Group). Choose the Group you wish to merge these contacts into.
  3. You can now delete the former Group you no longer need.

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 


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