Set up Email/Letter Template for Print/Auto Email

Listed below are some good questions we received about our email/letter templates.

Question #1

First, since I will be printing this on organization letterhead, I need to delete our logo that is in the upper left corner. However, part of the logo would be great in the upper left of the receipt box at the bottom of the letter.


If you want to print on letterhead, I'd recommend creating a separate letter template with the Snailer Type = Thank You Letter.  For emailed receipts, it needs to be a Snailer Type = Transaction Receipt (so it can be emailed).

On the emailed receipt, I would definitely leave the logo on it to keep branding present.

To disable the auto header on the print (Thank You Letter) receipts, select the dropdown labeled Custom Header Settings. Turn this off, allowing space for your letterhead. You may want to print a test to make sure you don't need additional spacing at the top, depending on how large your letterhead is. 

The image in the receipt box pulls from the profile of the donor, so if they have an image, that will populate.  These images are sourced from a social integration we use, so images populate automatically.


Question #2

Is it possible to change the wording in the receipt box to say Donation Receipt, rather than General Payment Receipt? Also, we will want to change what that says when we are issuing a receipt for, say, tickets to our annual fundraiser.


Make sure you are using the Transaction Info For Receipt tag in your template for that box. To change the language on the receipt, you need to appropriately title your Campaign, as that's what is feeding that line on the receipt box. You can go to Settings, then Campaigns, and edit the Campaign to read Annual Fundraiser.

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