Overview of the MailChimp Integration

Kindful now syncs with MailChimp!  To configure this, head to Settings > Integrations and connect to MailChimp via the quick login.

Video Instructions to Connect MailChimp


Connecting Kindful Contacts to MailChimp

Once you connect MailChimp and Kindful, the contacts you have in your Kindful Groups can move to MailChimp as Static Segments.  If you have pre-existing groups in Kindful (before connecting MailChimp), you will need to simply add a new contact to those groups in Kindful to kick off the sync of those Groups to MailChimp.  We do this so that we do not inundate your MailChimp account with new contacts, forcing you to a higher pricing tier.

Using Segments in MailChimp

One thing to note is that your MailChimp segments need to be Static. Kindful is a CRM and MailChimp is an email marketing tool. We built Kindful to be a place to store your data and your people. Those who weren't using MailChimp static segments before Kindful and then moved are far happier because Kindful gives you way more functionality than MailChimp does for reporting... plus the data stays on the donor record, where it belongs. 

MailChimp gives you the option to save each Group that you have created as a Saved Segment. When you enter the details for the Segment, there’s a default checkbox for Auto-update. The help text for that checkbox says that unchecking will save as Static. This needs to be done to get your Segments saved the right way.

You definitely don't want to lose the reporting function in Kindful, as it is really powerful in our system. And if you're static in MailChimp, the lists there flow right into Kindful. So that's a win-win!

On top of that, with our new custom reporting reporting features stacked with scheduled reports, you really want that data in Kindful... and it's much easier to navigate, too!

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