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This article gives an overview of the Kindful integration with Mailchimp.

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Connecting Kindful Contacts to Mailchimp

The integration will only work when it is connected by an Owner or Admin of Mailchimp, and the connected user remains at that access level. Once you connect Mailchimp and Kindful, the contacts you place into Kindful Groups can move to Mailchimp with the corresponding Tags (synonymous with Kindful Groups).

If you wish to have pre-existing groups in Kindful sync to Mailchimp, then you need to recreate each of these groups as new, which will activate the sync of all contacts in that group. This is designed to keep your Mailchimp account from being immediately flooded with new contacts, forcing you to a higher pricing tier within MailChimp.

If a group is deleted in Kindful, it deletes the corresponding group (tag) in Mailchimp. If a group (tag) is deleted in Mailchimp, nothing will happen automatically. But, if a user does "Refresh from Mailchimp" on the group, we detect the tag is missing from Mailchimp and delete the group in Kindful.

To connect Kindful to Mailchimp, go to Apps on the left sidebar. Select Learn More underneath Mailchimp, then Connect. 

Using Tags in Mailchimp

Kindful is a CRM and Mailchimp is an email marketing tool. We built Kindful to be a place to store your data and your people. By using Mailchimp Tags, your donor data stays on the donor's record in Kindful, and gives Kindful much more depth and autonomy over the contact record's details. Ultimately, this gives you more reporting ability and flexibility within Kindful. 

Tracking Mailchimp Mailing Stats

The Mailchimp integration automatically pulls in statistics about mailings sent from your Mailchimp account. This includes opens, clicks, and optouts. Open and click activities are created on the corresponding contacts in your Kindful account, while aggregate statistics are available while viewing the activity on your main Activity Trail

Kindful gets notified as soon as your Mailchimp mailing is done sending, and it periodically pulls in new mailing stats for two weeks after the initial send. If you would like to update the mailing statistics from Mailchimp at any time, click the green Refresh Stats button on any expanded mailing activity from your activities page in Kindful. You can filter for them by using Activity Type: Mailing. Screen_Shot_2022-08-16_at_12.04.35_PM.png

Non-profit Discount for Mailchimp Customers

Mailchimp offers a 15% discount to nonprofits and charities that they verify. The approval process varies depending on your location.

United States

If your organization is based in the United States, you’ll need to scan and email a copy of your official 501c3 determination letter to Please use “Nonprofit Discount Request” as the subject line, and include your Mailchimp username somewhere in the body of the email.


If you’re a nonprofit based outside the United States, you’ll need to email with a link to your organization’s website. Please use “International Nonprofit Discount Request” as the subject line, and include your Mailchimp username somewhere in the body of the email.

If it's not extremely obvious on your website that you're a nonprofit, they may require you to email additional proof of your nonprofit status.

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