A good email is hard to find.  A bad email is hard to read.  An email that is hard to read won't get any good response.  So that's why we partner with Emma Email Marketing

Want to know how many people are opening your emails?  Who's sharing it and where?  Are people clicking on your links?  And best of all, are they donating as a result of the emails they're getting.  All good questions, and all trackable information.  

To get things flowing from Kindful, head to your Contacts Page and find people in your Kindful database using the filters. Pick any kind of criteria!  Giving to a certain campaign, distance from a zip code, relationship status, you name it!  Once you've filtered down your people, you can click the button that says "Select All" on the right-hand action column and once they are selected, click the button that says "Groups" from the same spot and title your group, and away you go!

** OF NOTE: Emma supports multiple groups of the same name and Kindful does not.  In the event that a duplicate group exists in Emma, it will sync into Kindful with the name and a string of numbers behind it so you can differentiate the group in Kindful.


** OF NOTE: Emma allows for Split test emails to be sent.  The stats from these types of emails will not sync info Kindful.

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