Householding is a great feature to take advantage of when creating mailers. If you can identify multiple contacts that live under the same roof, then Kindful will only generate mailers, envelopes, and labels for that household. This prevents you from creating multiple mailing elements for the same house, which can save you time and money.

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Setting Things Up

You can designate which contacts are in the same household by establishing relationships between contacts. When you are creating the relationship, and choose a Relationship that is household-eligible, you will be prompted to check a box to indicate whether this is a household relationship or not.

The contact you initiate the relationship from will automatically become the "Head of Household". If you wish to change the contact that is the "Head of Household", you will need to remove the existing relationship and recreate it from the other profile (you wish to be HoH).



Relationship types that are household-eligible:


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