Registration Forms

Kindful now offers Registration Forms that are 100% editable, 100% custom to your needs, 100% mobile responsive and 103% integrated with Kindful - meaning automatic flow of new records and appending to existing records.  Did you seriously think we wouldn't do that?

Can I use whatever field I want? Yes
Can I have a donor download a file from the form? Of course
Can I have the person re-upload the file after they've downloaded it? Yep
Can I reorder my fields after I've created my Registration? Easier than you could imagine
But what if I need to put a header above a certain section? Go for it
Can I put a video of me singing "Where The Streets Have No Name" on the form? Certainly, and we hope you will.
How does it interact with the database? Like all features we have- automatic flowing through to your database.
Can I have custom confirmation messages? Yes!
Can I put a limit on how many people can signup? As many (or few) as you would like
What about an end date? All good things must (or can) come to an end.
Can I group registrants a particular way automatically? Have you been playing with these already?

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