Thanking Previously Entered Non-Cash Gifts (in bulk)


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Non-Cash Gift Receipts

Creating Email/Letter Templates

Acknowledgements Tool

Setup Your Template

Create a new template via Communications > Templates 

Set the template type as Acknowledgement


Type the body of your template and save it.  Be sure to insert the Transaction Info For Receipt tag. This is required for the Non Cash Gift information.

Generate a List of Non Cash Gifts to Thank

Go to Acknowledgements in Communications, and create a new Acknowledgement list

Name the filter 

Select type as "Email" or "Snailer" (for printed letters)

A menu will appear and then you may select the Snailer you wish to send. Do not click save yet

Filter for Activity Type: Non Cash Gift


Click Save

Taking Action

You will be routed back to the Acknowledgements screen. Go to the bottom and select the historical date for pulling in historical transaction(s)


This process will run in the background and find any outstanding matches per your filtering criteria

Refresh your page via your web browser controls

The list will appear with a number value in the Action Needed column and will allow you to send it via email/generate your letter

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