Thanking Non Cash Gifts

  • Create a Snailer via Communications > Templates 
  • Set the Snailer type as Acknowledgement
  • Create your Snailer and save it.  Be sure to insert the Transaction Info For Receipt tag!  This one is required for the Non Cash Gift information.
  • Go to Acknowledgements in Communications, and create a new Acknowledgement list
  • Name the filter 
  • Select type as "Email" or "Snailer"
  • A menu will appear and then you may select the Snailer you wish to send
  • Do not click save yet
  • Filter for non-cash gifts under Activity Type
  • Click Save now
  • You will be routed back to the Acknowledgements screen. Go to the bottom and select the historical date if you need to for pulling in an historical transaction(s)
  • This process will run in the background and find any outstanding matches per your filtering criteria
  • Refresh your page
  • The option will populate next to the acknowledgement you created in the Actions column to "send to email" or "send to snailer"
  • The Snailer will appear and allow you to send it via email/generate your snailer
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