Custom Mail Merge Headers


Do you need to print on your own letterhead?  No problem. You can disable the automatically generated headers on your mailings on a template-specific level.  

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How to Use Your Own Letterhead

When you're creating an email/letter template, you will notice a few lines at the top.  

  1. Template title

  2. The template type

  3. Custom Header Setting (default, on, or off)

If you have your own pre-printed letterhead, toggle this to the off position. Doing this will create some padding at the top of your template when you print it. This might not be enough padding, so we would suggest saving the template and then running a preview or small sample to see if it fits. If it does not, you can go into the template, and use the enter/return key on your keyboard to add in additional line spaces at the top to help make it fit better.

When you turn this to the off position, we also advise setting your Margins on your template to best accommodate your  letterhead.



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