Limiting User Access

Need to create specific access levels for specific people within your organization?  Maybe you have a bunch of rotating volunteers that come in.  Maybe there's an intern who's only in occasionally.  Maybe your bookkeeper only wants to see transactional records and not be bothered with anything else. You can easily set these restrictions and privileges in Settings.

  • Click Settings
  • Select the Roles tab from the left-menu
  • Click the New Role link
  • You can title the new role and select the checkboxes next to each ability you want the role to have.  
  • Simply view any activity or Manage it to be able to make changes.  
  • Assign these roles to your users by returning to your Settings page, selecting Users and clicking the Edit tool (the small pen and paper image) next to the user's email address.  You will see a drop-down menu that gives the Role options to link to each user. 
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