Removing a contact

To archive contacts 

When you have had previous interactions and/or transactions with a donor, you don't want to delete the connection to that person since their interactions may come up in searches as a part of your organization's history. For your data's safety, we allow you to archive contacts. 

1. On the Contacts Page, select the contacts you would like to archive. Contacts can be selected one by one or in bulk. For manual selection, click the checkbox on a contact profile. For bulk selection, click the "Select All" button on on the right side menu. 

Checkbox_Contact_Profile.png .          General_Select_All.png

2. Click the "Bulk Edit" button on the right side menu. In a new window, there will be a choice to archive selected contacts from the dropdown menu. Note: The “Bulk Edit” button will only appear after contacts have been selected. 

       Bulk_Edit.png          Bulk_Edit_Drop-Down_Menu.png


To find archived contacts and unarchive them

1. On the Contacts page, filter for "Is Archived: Yes" in the Current View bar. 


2. Click on the contact profile you wish to unarchive. 

3. Inside the contact profile, click the "More Info" button on the right side menu.

4. Next to the "Archive?" field, hover your cursor over "Yes". After, "toggle" will appear. Click "toggle", and "Yes" will change to "No."  

5. This will unarchive your contact.                                                                    

 Screen_Shot_2018-10-07_at_6.41.04_PM.png            Screen_Shot_2018-10-07_at_6.41.56_PM.png

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