Connect Stripe as a Payment Gateway


This article describes the process of connecting Stripe as your payment gateway. This article also discusses potential decline scenarios for your donors.

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Tip: There are three different payment gateways that you can choose from to make sure that online donations flow seamlessly into your Kindful database: Stripe, Authorize.Net, or PayPal. 

Connect with Stripe

Log in to Kindful and select Settings on the left sidebar, then select Fundraising Settings > Gateways. 

Scroll down and find Sign Up & Connect under the Stripe logo. 


 You’ll be redirected to Stripe.


If you haven’t created a Stripe account yet, you can begin filling out this form and create an account in a matter of minutes. You will fill in basic information about your organization, as well as link a deposit bank account. You can only connect one bank account to your Stripe account for deposits.

If you’ve already created a stripe account, use the same email address to connect your existing account.

Once you have either created a new account or signed in to your existing one, follow the prompts to finish connecting.


Once all these steps are completed, you should be successfully connected to Stripe. All gifts donated through either one of Kindful’s Donation Pages or the Donation Plugin on your site will now be processed by Stripe and show in your Kindful account.

My Payments Have Stopped Depositing to My Bank. Why?

Stripe is a separate company from Kindful, so for this type of matter, you will want to connect with Stripe directly. We can see if your your Stripe account is restricted, and this commonly would mean that you will need to login at and verify some of your organization's identification details.

"This Account Cannot Make Live Charges"

You might see this error when connecting to Stripe, and oftentimes close to the beginning of the connection and Stripe Account creation. This message means we are seeing a message of, "This account needs to be updated with more information about the business." What this means is that there are some details about your organization that need to be updated/verified inside of your Stripe account to fully verify your organization.

Changing Account Ownership

To do this, visit the Payment Gateways page in your account and click the "Settings" button underneath Bloomerang Payments. This will take you to the account page where you can change ownership information. Note that in order to change ownership of the Stripe Express account (the platform for Bloomerang Payments), the original account owner will need to give permission. 

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