Step 2: Add Users

This is the second step in our Quick Start Guide.


Now that you've set up your org's details in Step 1, it's time to get some other hands in the kitchen. Adding admin users will allow those associated with your nonprofit to access and use Kindful on a regular basis.

Users are any people connected to your organization who will work in your database to view your donation data, enter in transactions, connect other services, communicate with donors, etc. This may include staff members, volunteers, and board members.

Permissions allow you to set certain levels of access for specific users.

Learn more about permissions here.

Inviting admin users

In Kindful, go to Settings > Basic Settings > Users. Select Invite New User. Each new user will receive an email invitation with instructions to set their password.

There are several different levels of permissions that grant access to various parts of Kindful. Learn more about permissions here.

Next step

Ready for what comes next? Continue on the Quick Start Guide to Step 3: Add a Payment Gateway.

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