Adding Stock Transactions


Enter and track a stock transactions added as donations easily by following the steps in this article.

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Editing a Transaction

How To Add Stock Transactions

You can add new Transactions using the green + Add New button located in the upper left-hand corner of all Kindful pages. In this scenario (adding Stock gifts), choose "Transaction".


This modal will appear, and you will fill out each of the elements to complete the transaction entry. Select "Stock Transaction" as your Transaction Type. Fill in the rest of the details as you normally would.


Of Note: We recommend considering the addition of either an Admin Note or a Campaign Custom Field to indicate the date of the current value of the gift, as it may change over time due to market volatility. You can also choose to edit the transaction on a regular basis to best indicate the value of the gift.

Using a Non-Cash Gift

You may wish to track this donation as a Non-Cash Gift (In Kind Gift) to handle the scenario of fluctuating values. Keep in mind that if you choose to track this way, the value will not show up as a Transaction on a contact's profile. It will be considered a part of the contact's overall Contributions (hard + soft credit transactions).

Filtering and Reporting

Filtering for the activities you enter is done via the Activities page. You can use the Basic Search along the top of the page to create a custom view. Filter for "Transaction Type: Stock Transaction".

From here, you can Create Custom Reports.

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