Deceased Contacts


In Kindful, you have the option to mark a contact as Deceased. Read on to learn more about this function.

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How To Mark a Contact as Deceased

The easiest and most reliable way to mark a contact as Deceased is from the contact profile. Head to the contact record, click the Profile tab, and scroll down until you find the checkmark for Deceased. Click on this and be sure to save the page.


What Happens to the Contact?


Contacts that have been deceased live behind a filter on the Contacts and Activities page. To find Contacts who are marked as Deceased, you can filter "Is Deceased: Yes". From the Contacts page, this will return a list of all contacts that have been marked as such. From the Activities page, this will return a list of Activities associated with those Deceased Records.


Contacts that are deceased will automatically be removed from all Mailing communications, and their letters will not be generated.


These records will remain a part of your Active database, unless you choose to Archive these records.

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