Finding Contacts Who Have Never Donated


Find contacts who have not donated to your organization. 

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How To Filter for Contacts With No Donations

There is a singular option to use when trying to find contacts who have not donated (cash) to your organization. Head to the Contacts page and filter the following:

  • Has Transaction: No - This will find any contacts that have no transactions associated with their name. 


Exporting the Data

To export this information, use our standard Create Report option. We recommend (at least) these columns to be selected for this export:

Contact Columns

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Lifetime Gift Amount 

Special Cases (Like Eventbrite)

It is possible that you may have contacts who have transactions associated with an integrated tool like Eventbrite that have a $0 value, but they still show as having a transaction due to the integration setup. Additionally, you may have contacts who have made no cash transactions, but have made In-Kind (Non-Cash) donations.

To best support this scenario, we advise adding in the filter of "Lifetime Contribution Amount Less Than: 1".


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