Enabling CRA Functionality


Kindful Ensures CRA Compliance for Canadian users. Follow the steps in this article to ensure CRA functionality is enabled on your account.

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Things to Make Sure to Use Kindful’s Official Tax Receipting

Kindful helps ensure your charity complies with CRA Requirements.

Before an Official Tax Receipt can be issued for a Transaction or a Non-Cash Gift, Kindful will check that the information required for the Official Tax Receipt is stored in your system and available. In other words, Kindful will only issue an Official Tax Receipt when all the required fields are present on the Transaction/Non-Cash Gift record and associated Contact Record, and when Official Tax Receipt Mode is enabled.

Warning: If you meet the CRA requirements, but later change any of the settings required for CRA mode, CRA mode deactivates automatically without warning.

Enable CRA-Compliant Tax Receipts

Official Tax Receipt Mode is only available to charities based in Canada with a paid Kindful account.

In General Settings:

  1. Add your Tax ID/CRA # in the Tax ID Field on General Settings.
  2. Enter a postal code and ensure your account’s Country is set to Canada.
  3. Upload a Transaction Signature Image in General Settings. This will be used as the Authorized Signature on your Official Tax Receipts. First, you'll need to create a JPEG file of the signature you want included in Official Tax Receipts. You can do this easily by signing your name on a piece of white paper and taking a photo with the camera on your phone or computer. If you take it on your phone, email it to yourself so you can open it on your computer. Once you have the signature photo on your computer, go to Settings in Kindful, then General Settings. Scroll to the Images section, and the last option you'll see is Transaction Receipt Signature Image. Upload your signature image here.
  4. Be sure to hit the Submit button on General Setting to save your work!

In Transaction Settings:

  1. In the Receipts section, enable the “Include PDF…” option.
  2. Set the PDF Receipt Template to Official Tax Receipt. Note: the Official Tax Receipt template is available to Canadian Kindful accounts only.
  3. Be sure to hit the Save Receipt Settings button to save your work!

You’re now in Official Tax Receipt Mode.

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