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You may see a response that says "Unable to sign you in. Please check your email address and password." when trying to login to your Kindful Admin account to manage your donor database. It is important to make sure that you are logging into the correct dashboard (Admin vs. Donor). Read this article to make sure you are going to the correct login as an Admin user. 

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The Login Error

You may attempt to login to your Kindful Admin account, and when doing so, you may see this error: "Unable to sign you in. Please check your email address and password."


When you see this, it means you are attempting to login to the donor-facing portal, and your Admin login is not setup as a donor account. 

What You Can Do

When logging in as an Admin user, be sure you are adding "/admin" to the end of your Kindful URL. For example, head to and make sure you are not logging in simply to 



We recommend bookmarking the /admin version of this URL for future logins.

Alternate Options for Logging In As An Admin

You can also log in at Kindful's marketing site,

On that page, in the top right-hand corner, you will see a button to Log in next to the Schedule a demo option. Clicking here will take you to, which is an Admin login portal where your login credentials will take you to the appropriate Kindful Admin account.


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