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Below is a list of common questions related to Reporting in Kindful.

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How can I filter for multiple items in a filter?

When using the filter bar, you will also see that there is a sign next to the invert option found by clicking on the filter name. This option is used to add additional inputs. So, for example, if you want to find contacts in Nashville, TN; Dallas, TX; Los Angeles, CA; etc., use the sign to do so.


How can I look for a value that is the opposite of what I am filtering for?

Inverting a filter is an excellent option to use when trying to quickly update a filter. Once you have established the filter you wish to invert, simply click on the title of the filter (e.g. "In City"), which will highlight the entire filter in blue. Click the to invert the value


When I export my report, it is removing the leading zeros on my postal codes. How can I fix this?

This is most likely linked to a function of the tool being used to open your spreadsheet (e.g. Excel or Numbers). There are formatting changes you can make to see these values correctly. Make sure you are viewing (at least) 5 numeral places in your cells when viewing this particular column.


How do we handle this message: "A Search Constraint must be active in order to create this report. To create an activities report with no Search Constraint, please create a Giving List Report from the Reports page."

If you happen to see this message when trying to click Create Report from the Activities page, it means that before you can create a report, you must add in at least one filter to the Current View Search Bar.

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