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Update your organization settings in Kindful including your contact information, EIN, organization's fiscal year, mailing address, CAPTCHA settings, privacy statements, and more.

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Updating Organization Information

From your Kindful Admin account, head to SettingsGeneral Settings to get started. 

Organization Info

Use this to update things like your Organization Display Name, Time Zone, Fiscal Year End Month, EIN, and your Organization Type.


Contact Info

Use this to update your organization's primary email (used when updating DKIM/SPF records) and address information that displays on formal documents you generate. 

Of Note: This information can be retrieved by the public from your Kindful hosted donation page when choosing to contact you, so be sure to put relevant information here that is connected to your organization (and not to you personally)



Upload your organization logo files. These can be used on Email/Letter Templates, Donation Plugins, and more. You can also elect whether or not these logos and your organization name display in Kindful. 

The Small Logo will appear in the upper left corner of your Main Donation page and your campaign pages next to the campaign name.



Upload images to be used on donation pages here. These will be default images used on your Main Donation Page experience. If you link to Campaign Pages directly, the individual settings for these pages will be used. 

Also load a Transaction Signature Image here, which will be available as a tag for your templates (both email and print) once loaded.



Set a custom message sent to your contacts who choose to confirm their donor accounts. You can also find two quick communication settings pertaining to how your Mailers perform, including hiding Kindful generated headers on mailers and the option to hide your organization's return address information on envelopes generated.


Google Analytics

Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID here. This will be used in conjunction with your Google Analytics account.


Letter Preferences

Use this setting for a quick control on how your letters are exported when using our Mail Merge function.


Privacy Policy

Set your Privacy and Refund Policies here. These will be linked to from your donation page. If you set nothing, these links will default to Kindful's standard messaging.



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