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Adding a Contact to Kindful can be done in only a few steps when adding manually. Contacts. can be created and updated by our integrations such as Stripe, Mailchimp, Classy, and others.

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Creating A Contact Manually

You can use the + Add New button to create a new contact. When using this, you can set all fields on a contact record, including any custom field you have setup. 

Begin by identifying if the contact is a Person or an Organization. This determination will control which fields are available for entry.



Additionally, you can create a new contact using the Transaction Batch tool. This process is meant to be quick, so there are fewer fields to fill out (e.g. extended contact fields, custom fields, etc.). You can update the contact after entering the assigned transaction(s).


Other Ways A Contact Can Enter Kindful


A connected integration such as Mailchimp or Classy can create new contact records in your Kindful account.


Using a custom developed app to automate data in from an outside source can create new contact records in your Kindful account.


Using either the self Import Tool or having our Services team perform a custom import can create new contact records in your Kindful account. 

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