Using Goal Thermometers with Kindful Fundraising


Motivate your supporters, track your fundraising goal progress, and share live donation updates with an online fundraising thermometer.

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Use Built-In Goal Thermometers

Use an automatic, built-in goal thermometer right on your donation page. Your supporters will see donation updates in real-time, motivating them to get involved in your campaign.

Set these up on a Campaign page so that they will show on your Campaign donate pages. These thermometers will show on both Desktop and Mobile. Be sure to also check the box to "Show goal amount".


This thermometer will update in real time as new donations come into this Campaign (either automatically online or via manual entry).


Motivate Donors With Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Goal Thermometers

Allow your peer-to-peer fundraisers to set goals that display prominently on their team page. See the progress for your entire crowdfunding campaign right on your campaign page. Using our Crowdfunding feature, it is easy to setup teams, goals, and allow for social sharing of these team pages.


Share Campaign Progress On Your Website

Use our Developer API to connect your fundraising campaign thermometer to your website and share your goal progress publicly.


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