Assign a Designation and Get the Transactions to Sync to QuickBooks


A key part of making our integration with QuickBooks sync transactions is by setting and using Designations in Kindful. Designations equate to Products/Services (QuickBooks Online) or Items (QuickBooks Desktop). Read further to see how to set these.

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Understanding Designations in Kindful

Designations pair with a Fund in Kindful to ensure that your transactions sync into QuickBooks in the correct place. Each Fund that you want to use in this integration must be assigned a default designation. This process happens within QuickBooks. 

A Transaction will only sync to QuickBooks when it has a Designation assigned to it in Kindful. The Designation maps to the "Item" or "Product/Service" on the Sales Receipt in QuickBooks. Since an Item or Product/Service is a required field in QuickBooks, QuickBooks will not allow Kindful to create a Sales Receipt until there is a Designation on the Kindful transaction.

You will create new Items or Products/Services in QuickBooks that will sync to Kindful as Designations. 


  • Your Items/Products & Services are in a one-way sync from QuickBooks to Kindful. If you want to add new Designations in Kindful, they must first be added as an Item in QuickBooks, and assigned to the desired Income Account.
  • Each Income Account that you want to use in Kindful as a Fund must be assigned a unique Item/Product & Service in QuickBooks. For example: If you have an Income Account in QuickBooks called “Events,” it might also be assigned an “Events” Item.
  • QuickBooks Desktop calls these “Items” and QuickBooks Online calls these “Products & Services.”
  • Only Income Accounts with associated Items/Products and Services will sync to Kindful as Funds. Kindful will not pull in Income Accounts that lack the associated Items/Products and Services.
  • If a designation is assigned to a Campaign and a different designation is assigned to the Fund connected to that Campaign, the Designation on the Campaign level will supersede the default Designation on the Fund level.

What if I’m not selling Items/Products & Services?

Kindful uses your Item/Products & Services as designations, but this does not mean that your organization must be selling any physical items or be providing a service. Kindful needs at least one Item to be assigned to each Income Account you want to use as a Fund in Kindful. This is how the sync stays accurate. Assigning an Item/Product & Service in QuickBooks will assign a Designation to a Fund in Kindful. 

Set As Default On The Campaign

You can set a default Designation for each Campaign. When you do this, a Designation will automatically be assigned to your donors' transactions based on the Campaign to which they choose to give. This will allow each transaction to seamlessly sync to QuickBooks without you having to review the transaction(s) beforehand.

Edit a Campaign and set this in the top section of the Campaign Edit page.


Set On Individual Transactions With Manual Edits

You can manually edit each transaction from the Activities page (or upon Entry) - we have a "Transactions Without Designations" filter to help identity which transactions need editing as well.

Setting Upon Entry


Filtering for Transactions


Editing a Transaction



Set by Bulk Edit

You can choose to Bulk Edit transactions to assign Designations to multiple transactions at once.
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