How to kick off a sync with QuickBooks Desktop

Before you try syncing, first ensure you've connected QuickBooks and Kindful. Read more about that here.


How to Manually kick off a sync:

Now that you've connected your Kindful account to your QuickBooks Desktop account, you may want to kick off a sync. 

First, make sure your QuickBooks Integration Settings are what you want them to be inside of Kindful.

Then, in QuickBooks Desktop, choose the application checkbox for Kindful production and then press Update Selected in the top bar.

A QuickBooks sync will commence and will look something like this in QuickBooks Web Connector:

Inside Kindful's App Directory > QuickBook Desktop > Settings, there is a Status dialog where you can track the progress of the sync as well:

About the QuickBooks Desktop sync:

Depending on the size, this may take anywhere from 5 minutes to many hours. Last Run should show OK when it's complete. Note: Kindful is able to query for changes only, so subsequent syncs will be much faster.

Once complete, it may take Kindful some time to finish processing the sync. The status can be reviewed using the Status button.

You can schedule a sync to occur automatically, even when QuickBooks is not active. 

Updates more frequent than once an hour are not supported.

If you need to cancel a sync, the Web Connector doesn't provide a way to do this. Clicking on the Status button provides a way to cancel.

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