"Unknown" Contacts From Stripe

This article explores the circumstance around receiving a contact labeled "Unknown" in your Kindful database. 

Basic transaction flow

When you first set up Kindful, you have to choose a payment gateway for gifts to be processed through. Those options consist of Stripe, Authorize.Net, PayPal, and Kindful Payments. Once a gateway is set up, you can process donations using several different methods. You can process donations using a Kindful donation page, using your own website via a Donation Plugin, using a Kindful Cause, and even in person using the Collect for Stripe or Payment (for Stripe) apps. 

When a gift is collected, both the donor's transaction and personal information get synced into your Kindful account. This allows you to keep track of gifts given, and attribute those gifts to the appropriate donors, as well as to grow your database.

Seeing "Unknown" contact with transaction

Transactions with donors listed as "Unknown" may appear in Kindful. This indicates that Kindful has received notice of a new transaction from Stripe, but cannot detect a name on this specific transaction. Kindful is set up this way to allow the transaction to still come through, so this gift can still be accounted for even if there is no personal info. associated with it. 

An "Unknown" contact could occur because the originating application did not associate a Stripe Contact with the Stripe transaction, or it did not create a Stripe Contact. You can verify whether or not this has occurred by logging into your Stripe account (to see if a "Contact record" is associated with the transaction). 


If you have any more questions about your Stripe data in Kindful, please reach out to Kindful Support. 


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