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This article is an FAQ for our Crowdfunding feature.

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When I go to my Crowdfunding URL, it redirects to the Main Donation Page. How can I fix this?

The most common solution here is that your Crowdfunding campaign's "Start Date" is either in the future, or it has ended. Use the "Event Date" field to use the time countdown tracker. 

Donating to a Crowdfunding campaign vs a Team

If a donor gives directly on the Crowdfunding root page for the Crowdfunding campaign you've created, that transaction will not be attributed in a way that moves the needle. In creating a Crowdfunding campaign, you chose which Campaign you'd like it to funnel into. A donation directly to a Crowdfunding campaign will be attributed to the Campaign that Crowdfunding campaign is funneling into.

To make that transaction go toward a Crowdfunding campaign, it will need to be attributed to a specific Team. After someone has donated directly to it, you can edit that transaction and change the attribution to go toward a specific Team within that Crowdfunding campaign.

You can choose any team you'd like, or create your own team that you use to funnel some of these generic transactions into.

How to attribute a recurring transaction to a team

To get recurring to display on a Crowdfunding team page, you need to go to donor's profile and click on the Payment Info tab. From there, you need to Edit the Recurring Transaction itself, and make sure it is pointing to the proper campaign, Crowdfunding campaign name, and team. 

When you set up a recurring donation through a crowdfunding page,  each subsequent transaction will be associated with that cause/team/team member, and the value will be annualized on the team's page.

Can a donor give anonymously?

Yes, when donors give via a crowdfunding page, post-donation, they have an option to A) leave a note in support that will display in the recent donations ticker and B) make their gift anonymously. Making the gift anonymously means that the name is hidden on the ticker on the team page, but your organization will get the proper information for things like tax receipting.


I created a Crowdfunding campaign, and when I go to the public page, it defaults to my donation page. Why is that happening?

When you create your Crowdfunding campaign, you set a start date as well as an end date. If you are trying to access your crowdfunding campaign outside of these date parameters, the crowdfunding campaign link will default to a general donate page. This most commonly happens at the end of a crowdfunding campaign.

Is it possible to add offline donations that impact a team's goal?

Yes, you have two options here. The first way is to Using Pledges in Crowdfunding. Alternately, you can add a manual activity (via the + Add New) button, and you can assign it to the same Campaign that the Crowdfunding is assigned to. When doing so, you will have more options you can select including the Team Name and the Team Member.

Why can I not invite team members to my page?

When you are creating a crowdfunding campaign, and you need your contacts to have access to creating the page, there are two things you need to make sure are set properly:

  1. The day you are trying to have your contacts access the crowdfunding campaign are within the crowdfunding campaign's date settings (as above).
  2. You need to also make sure you have the option set to "Allow registration on cause page". This is set on the Messaging tab when creating the crowdfunding campaign.


Can fundraisers be notified when a donation to their page occurs?

You can set up automatic notifications to be sent to your fundraisers for donations received on their pages by creating Scheduled Reports. These can be sent daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. To get started, use the By Team Memberfilter (use the fundraisers name for this filter value) on the Activities page in addition to your time frame filter (e.g. Prior Week).

Can I change a team page's URL?

The URL of a team page will be automatically generated based on the name the team leader applies when creating it. This cannot currently be customized after it has been created.

If you have a team page URL that will not work, you would need to delete that team and recreate it to reset the URL.

I have invited a team member. How can they get a link to share their page?

For this, if you click the Public option just below the Donate Now button on their team page, this will open their specific team page. This will give the direct URL for sharing. The team member should also have their page listed within their Kindful donor account under the Causes tab. From that page the team member is able to select the Public Page to get their team specific URL. 

I have a crowdfunding page set up and I have donations coming in through the main landing page. However, these donations are not being reflected on the goal. Why not?

For donations to be counted towards the progress of the crowdfunding campaign, they must be assigned to a team's page. Donations made on the "Donate Now" link on the main landing page are considered general donations. They can be edited, though, and attributed to a team. 

A good solution here would be to create your entire Crowdfunding Campaign and then make a placeholder team, e.g. The Sea Turtle Foundation Crowdfunding Team. Point general donors to this page to make donations. This way, these donations will count towards progress, and you can point contacts that want to create a team to the main landing page.

I have just created a crowdfunding campaign on Kindful and I am having trouble accessing the page via the link that was created. The link redirects me to the main Kindful donation page instead of the crowdfunding page.

The first thing to check is the start date for the crowdfunding page. The page will only display when it is set as live and active, and it is in between the start and end dates.

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 


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